Single-cell RNA-Seq on unsorted lung cells from WT P01 C57BL6 mice
Jeffrey A. Whitsett1, S. Stephen Potter1, Yan Xu1*
1Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, *Corresponding author
Fluidigm C1 + Illumina HiSeq quantitative whole transcriptome analysis of unsorted population of P01 lung cells from wild-type C57BL6 mice.
LungMAP ID: LMEX0000001222
Organism: mouse
Stages: P0-P3
Assay type: Single-cell RNA-seq
Technology: Fluidigm C1
External databases: missing
LungMAP IDAlt IDSpeciesSexAgeAge GroupWeightStrainGenotype
LMSP0000000570LMM.16.95A.1Mus musculusFemaleP1P0-P31.3 gC57BL6WT
File Description Size
BAM Files 28.3 GB
Data Table 19.8 MB